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1967Pacific Construction Co., Ltd. was established on June 14, 1967
1975Prefabrication construction method was developed for constructing houses with decreased cost. This was pioneer in Taiwan.
1976Kaohsiung Liaison Office was established
1979Shares was allowed to issue by Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation on December 22, 1979
1980Issued shares were offered for sale to the public on February 2, 1980
1982Singapore Subsidiary Company was established. ChengKung Public House was constructed by us. The 19-story house was completed by using an electric heating modular construction method in 68 days.
1984Pacific Realtor was established by us.
For expanding retail service, Pacific Department Store was established by us and Japan Sogo Department Store.
1988Kaohsiung Liaison Office was changed to Kaohsiung Subsidiary Company. Taichung Subsidiary Company was established.
For expanding entertainment business, Green Bay Entertainment Company was established.
1989 For expanding retail business, FongYang Enterprises Company was established
1990Pacific Securities Company was established. Construction of Tamsui Bridge bid number 18, Second North Highway Tunnels and other constructions were constructed by us.
1992First unsecured convertible corporate bond in the amount of NT$1.2 billion was issued
1993First foreign unsecured corporate bond in the amount of 60 million Swiss Franc was issued
1994For expanding entertainment business, Taifu Entertainment Company was established by us and Howard Worldhotels.
First unsecured corporate bond in the amount of NT$600 million was issued
1995ISO-9002 quality management system was certified. Second unsecured corporate bond in the amount of NT$300 million was issued.
1996Third unsecured corporate bond in the amount of NT$1.5 billion was issued
Fourth unsecured corporate bond in the amount of NT$1.5 billion was issued.
1997 For integrating department store business in China, Pacific Holding Company (China) was established.
Second unsecured convertible corporate bond in the amount of NT$1 billion was issued
Second foreign unsecured convertible corporate bond in the amount of US$7.5 million was issued.
1998For expanding cable TV business, ChinYu Investment Company was established.
1999Constructions of West Coast Highway bid number WH08, WH56 and WH60.61
2000Winning bids for constructing Matsu Airport and others
2001Construction of Nanzhi Special School in Kaohsiung
2002Constructions of Matsu Airport and bid number C337
Constructions of Matsu Airport and bid number C337
2003Constructions of bid number C307, KuanYin E101 and New Wudu Tunnel.
2004For expanding entertainment business, Pacific Leisure Life Company was established.
2005Pacific Construction Corporation was established. FuYang Investment Co., Ltd was sold to TaiGu Multimedia Co., Ltd.
2006Constructions of bid number WH60.61 and Baoshan Reservoir
2007Constructions of West Coast Highway bid number WH08 and WH56 and New WuJie Tunnel
2008Constructions of Kaohsiung Great Era I and Pacific Lohas. For expanding business in city renovations, Pacific Construction Corporation was acquired.
2009Constructions of Kaohsiung Era Villas and ChungYen I-Park Estate
2010Construction of Pacific Fiesta I-SungLu Estate
2011Constructions of Nankang Hill and Pacific Fiesta II-KanYi Estate. Concepts of green building were incorporated in these constructions.
2012Construction of Pacific Fiesta III-Moon Estate
2013Completion of the construction of SungLu Estate. Construction of Chungshan North Road-Chungshan Century Estate.
2014 Completion of the constructions of HuiShang Estate, KangYi Estate and Moon Estate of Pacific Fiesta
First secured corporate bond in the amount of NT$200 million was issued

Business Philosophy and Strategy

PCC has a long history of great achievements that have made significant Contributions to the development of Taiwan and have supported our reputation as a leader in the industry.

In 1970, the dawn of Taiwan’s economic boom, PCC built the first 12-floor residential building, known as the “Champagne Building”, in the East district of Taiwan, using a new construction method called the “Expansion Structure” technique. Not only did the company pioneer this new technique, but we also created the concept of having a supermarket in the same building as residential units. This new concept grew to form a new lifestyle and helped originate the development of today’s “Ding Ho” commercial district.

In 1978, we again set a landmark in Taiwan’s construction history by building the “Parkside Community” project using a new method called the ‘‘Prefabricated on Site” technique. This construction technique broke through the barrier of traditional constructing methods and became a leading technique in the industry.

1979 marked another significant achievement for PCC, when we were the first to adopt an advanced constructing method called the “Electric Heating Form” technique which we used in our construction of the “Cheng-Kung” housing project. This technique significantly reduced construction time and enabled us to build the main structure of a 19 story building in only 68 days, which had never been done before in Taiwan.

In 1987, we entered a new era of growth by diversifying our business and extending into the international arena. Today, FCC’s businesses include commerce, realty, leisure, securities and finance, with operations in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China and the US.

From unknown to well known, we have carried out our dream piece by piece and will continue to be an important force in Taiwan’s economic development.

The organization restructured with core businesses being focus and elimination of unimportant businesses can increase corporate performance and bring the company to a new era.


Our Team

presidentChin-Hui ChenDepartment of accounting of Tamkang University
Chief Information officerGUO-XUN Huangmaster's degree
Vice General Manager of business development departmenFu-Long HsuMBA of Tamkang University
Manager of business development departmentMING-LI FANDepartment of tourism of Ming Chuan University
Vice General Manager of construction DepartmentMing-Zhuan ChengDepartment of civil engineering of Chung Yuan Christian University
Manager of construction DepartmentZHONG-NING FUMBA of The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
senior manager of stock management officeFong-Yu ChengDepartment of history of Soochow University
manager of accounting DepartmentBi-Zen NanDepartment of accounting of Tamkang Universtiy
Director of financial DepartmentDe-Shing HuangDepartment of accounting of Ming Chuan University
Assistant Manager of Personnel DepartmentChang Hsiu ChuDepartment of accounting of Ling Tung University

Company rules

Company rules

1. Structure

    An auditor office is governed by board of directors of the company. The auditor office is led by an auditing manager who is in charge of internal auditing of the company. The board of directors has the right of appointing or dismissing the auditing manager. An auditor is employee by the auditing manager.

2. Operations of the internal auditing:

  1. The auditing office is responsible for preparing an annual auditing plan, executing same, evaluating internal control, and preparing an auditing report. The above functions of the auditing offic e assist the board of directors and the president to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and the governance process over a subject matter.
  2. Audited areas include businesses, secretarial & compliance audit, internal controls, quality management, project management and controls stipulated by article 8, processing rules of internal controls of public companies.
  3. Auditors should execute his or her duties independently, impartially and honestly. Auditors are encouraged to take continuing education in order to improve quality of auditing and performance.
  4. For implementing self governance, coping with corporate environment changes, adjusting system of internal auditing and improving quality and efficiency, the company annually evaluates its system of internal auditing. At least one self evaluation is conducted annually by each department, each office and each subsidiary. Its reports are submitted to the board of directors and the president for evaluating performance of the current internal auditing and as a basis for preparing a statement regarding internal controls.



  • Good pay. Five working days per week. Education and training. Labor insurance, universal health insurance coverage and pension.
  • Subsidies for annual health check.
  • Payment for birthday. Payments for Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year. Subsidies for travel. Group activities participation.
  • Subsidies for employee’s children education. Subsidies for medical expenses.


Pacific Realtor

Pacific Realtor provides the following services: house buying, house selling, house renting and real estate agent. Pacific Realtor encourages green life, improves living quality, and spreading the idea of sweet home to the general public.

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Pacific Department Store

Pacific Department Store is retail chain. Pacific Department Store is subsidiary of Pacific construction Co., Ltd. and was established in 2000. Pacific Department Store runs business in the fields of retail, dining and supermarket.

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Pacific Sabah Department Store

Centre Point Sabah is a one-stop shopping, dinning, office, car park and amusement complex serving the State Capital.

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Board member information

job titleNameMain (scholar) calendarCurrently holding the post of the company and other companies.
ChairmanQuanyuan International Development Co., Ltd.
Representative: Liu YiyiFuyang media technology (stock) Company
Vice Chairman
Chairman of fuller media technology
Quanyuan International Development Co., Ltd.
Representative: Lei QianABC radio and television network in the US
Vice president of the head office
National ticket financial holding company Independent director
DirectorYangming investment advisor (stock) Company
Representative: Zhang Qiming
Department of architecture, Culture UniversityTaitou Xingye Co., Ltd.
DirectorGabriel (share) company
Representative: Zhang MinqiangDepartment of civil engineering, Shanghai Qiang Hua Industrial CollegeNo
DirectorFuyong Investment Co., Ltd.
Representative: Lai YuexinITRI Electronics ManagementFuyong Investment Co., Ltd.
DirectorTaihong Xingye Co., Ltd. Representative: Zhang QiguangSt. John's University of Technology
Mechanical EngineeringHong Kong Pacific Construction (Y) Company
DirectorQuanyuan International Development Co., Ltd. Representative: Yu ShengyiClear stone construction co. LTD. ChairmanChairman of Daxian Construction Co., Ltd.
Ye Kuang ShiPhd. of organization theory, Carnegie Mellon Universityindependent director, founder fubon fund management LTD
Lin Hao YuState owned Enterprise Research Institute of National Taiwan University
Bachelor of electrical engineering, National Taiwan University
Director of Haohong Capital Co., Ltd.
Director of Excellence Success Co., Ltd
OmbudsmanYuan TangMaster of electrical engineering, University of Waterloo, CanadaChairman of Pacific Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
OmbudsmanFu-Wo International Investment Limited
Assignment: Liu Huijun
Bachelor of laws, National Taiwan UniversityShenghua Technology (stock) company reorganization Supervisor

Functional committee

Compensation Committee

Current PositionEducation
Hao Li Lin Chairman, Shin Kong Global Venture Capital Corp.
Independent director of Pacific Construction Corp.
EMBA, International Business Management, National Taiwan University
BS, Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University
memberCurrent Position:Education:
Chin-jung Wu Independent director of Pacific Construction Corp.
Kin-Lung ChenProbright Technology Inc. Chairman
Independent director of Pacific Construction Corp.
EMBA, International Business Management, National Taiwan University